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Nefertiti, arr (2006)

Solo guitar arrangement of the Wayne Shorter song, UNT senior recital
{ sheet music }

The Birth of Fate (2005)

Solo classical guitar, written to accompany the modern dance piece The Birth of Fate (Stephanie Chavez, UNT, 2005)

When Sunny Gets Blue, arr (2005)

Solo guitar arrangement
{ sheet music }

Etudes for Two Guitars (2005)

These were written with the intention of being etudes + improvising. So the student (or whoever) would be practicing both reading and improvising in the same study–both sides of the brain. They started off attempting to be Bach-inspired, and meandered quickly into other territory. The sheet music was available for a while on a Mel Bay educational website, but has since been taken down, so I put it up here. You can click the links next to each title for the individual parts.

Duet No. 1 sheet music: { gtr 1 } { gtr 2 }

Duet No. 2 sheet music: { gtr 1 } { gtr 2 }

Duet No. 3 sheet music: { gtr 1 } { gtr 2 }