New Site!!!

I re-did my site! …again!

I just finished turning the Foe Destroyer homepage into a WordPress site and there was so much about it that seemed to work better in the long run that I decided to use WordPress here too. I do sort of miss the sliding effect from the last site. That was cool. But I also stole that code from, which I was probably not strictly-speaking supposed to do. So (in the words of my favorite non-wife roommate, Odin) there’s that.

And now, in true blogging fashion, I present to you a Pros and Cons List for the new site –>

PROS of the new site:

1. I can blog now. I think that’s a “pro”. I guess we’ll see.
2. The calendar works a lot better. Before I was hard coding every line every time I would update. Which meant for all practical purposes I was not updating. Now you can actually go look at my upcoming gigs and feel fairly confident that what you’re seeing is true!
3.  The music is all organized with categories and tags, which makes things more fun and useful.
4. There’s a discography page now, and it looks so real.
5. You can search for stuff (over there on the left).
6. My visage isn’t anymore looming over you, judging your every click. But I did leave it as the splash page, so that it can continue to bless Derrek Luke.

CONS of the new site:

No more slidey effect 🙁  Until I can find a WordPress theme that has that feature. The hunt is on!

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