Whoa holy crappers-time: Oso reunion show!

That’s right, my friends: Oso Closo is finally playing again. It’s happening in Dallas and soon. It will be on Friday March 23 at Geoff Lloyd’s new studio/venue, Central Tracks (2815 Main St.). This is a really great space that Geoff is opening in the heart of Deep Ellum, and he’s working overtime in the next few weeks to get it ready for us. We’re really excited to bring attention to a deserving new Dallas venue, especially since Geoff has been such an Oso supporter. It’s going to be a great night of music, Foe Destroyer will be playing as well as our friends Rademacher from California.

Also, spookily, just this morning I got an email with an article that Sarah Crisman wrote about Oso Closo, seemingly totally unrelated to this as-yet-undisclosed news. Almost like some sort of collective consciousness thing… only…. what does it mean? Maybe she willed it to happen with her Voodoo powers she’s secretly been honing over the last two years for just this purpose? We may never know. Do we really have free will, or are we just organic machines, firing synapses predictably, inescapably, toward our destiny? Guess what number I’m thinking in my head between 1 and 50.

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