Snarky Puppy wins a freakin Grammy!!

Sooo yeah! Snarky Puppy, the instrumental jazz fusion band consisting of about 500 technical wizards that make music for dorks — has won a Grammy!! It’s pretty much the craziest thing of all time. The band has definitely been growing in popularity anyway, selling out large venues and getting the attention of some important people. But still!


Of course, it would be for the one album I’m not on. Foe Destroyer was right in the middle of the CD release tour for our debut album we put out March 6 when these guys were recording Family Dinner in Virginia with Lalah Hathaway and several other incredible singers. But I’m so thankful to Mike and the other guys for letting me come along for the ride and enjoy the Grammy experience. It was surreal. Highlights include: watching Mark Lettieri drink whiskey out of a Grammy (with the blessing of the man that actually makes them by hand), Boys 2 Men putting on a surprisingly fantastic show at the after party, including all your favorite hits from middle school dances, meeting Maria Schneider and Quincy Jones, listening to Yoko Ono ramble perfectly about multiple universes, eating McDonalds–our first meal together as a Grammy-winning band–with my foodie, yelp-obsessed bandmates out of pure desperation when it was literally the only option in the Staples center, and Shaun Martin instigating bouts of joyous group-yelling at various times throughout the night.

The experience has also left me with the desire to practice more and write more to feel like I truly deserve to be on that stage. So I’m making it my goal to work harder this year on Foe Destroyer, Snarky Puppy, and everything else I do. Including updating this website! See you soon!

If you haven’t listened to it yet, here’s the Grammy winning track:

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