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Chris McQueen has been playing, writing, and recording music since 1994. He plays guitar in the 3-time Grammy winning band Snarky Puppy, as well as the gritty instrumental quartet Forq, indie rock band Foe Destroyer, and the new West African-inspired group Bokanté. He has also worked as sideman for Banda Magda, Lucy Woodward, Nikka Costa, Myron Butler & Levi, Alejandro Escovedo, and other artists in Texas and New York. He has been featured in several rock musicals over the last eight years, most recently David Bowie’s Lazarus at New York Theatre Workshop (featuring Michael C. Hall) and The Rocky Horror Show at The Dallas Theater Center. He also designed and built the Guitar Note Atlas, an app for iPhone and iPad to help guitar students learn their scales and modes.

Chris grew up in Austin, TX and started playing guitar and recording songs on a 4-track Tascam around age 10. At 13 he joined RedHeaded Stepchild, a western swing kid band, and started gigging around Austin and learning how to solo from bandmate and guitar prodigy Will Knaak. This interest in improvisation led Chris to jazz; he joined and wrote for his high school jazz band, and later attended the University of North Texas to study with Fred Hamilton. He eventually played in the One O’Clock Lab Band and wrote a piece that was recorded for Lab 2006.

Chris remained in the Dallas area for four years after college, co-leading the regionally popular rock band Oso Closo with singer/songwriter Adrian Hulet, and studying music with Bernard Wright and other members of the Dallas R&B/jazz/Gospel scene. Chris now lives in Austin, TX with his wife Erin. Between touring and recording he also does sheet music transcription for Snarky Puppy and plays in an original acoustic guitar duo with fellow Austinite Matt Read, which recently released a debut album Western Theatre.

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